29 Nov 2018/ 4:30pm-6:30pm

CEU: Helping Kids and Parents Cope with Divorce

Presenter: Dr. Joshua Ehrlich

LMSW’s in attendance earn 2 CEU’s

Divorce is always stressful, but it doesn’t have to be traumatic. This course will frame divorce in terms of the losses it entails for family members. It will illuminate how therapists can help parents assist their children mourn the losses of divorce, and help parents with their own mourning processes.

Dr. Joshua Ehrlich is a clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst who has a full-time practice in Ann Arbor where he sees adolescents and adults in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. Dr. Ehrlich received his doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Michigan, where he was a Regents’ Fellow. He completed his psychoanalytic training at the Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute.

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29 Oct 2018/ 9am-11am

Identifying and Serving Victims of Human Traffickking

Presented by Mira Sussman, LMSW

LMSW’s in attendance earn 2CEU’s

Victims of trafficking are some of the most vulnerable populations social workers can serve; they can be young people, immigrants, women, minorities, and come from all variety of backgrounds–but they have in common their extreme subjugation, disenfranchisement and victimization.

This training will offer definition and parameters of human trafficking and tools to identify and help victims, along with addressing the ethical issues inherent in the process.

This course meets licensing requirements found in the R.338.2929. Rule 29: ” All Social Workers seeking licensure (including a limited license) shall complete training in identifying victims of human trafficking.”

26 Sep 2018/ 6pm-8pm

Crucial Conversations: Experts Discuss How to Talk to Your Kids About the Serious Stuff of Today

@Liberty Schools in Saline (free child care offered)
Dr. Sonya Lewis, Physicians for the Prevention of Gun Violence
Brianne  Twombly, Manager of Trauma Informed Care at Starfish Family Services
Cynthia Ewell Foster, The Director of The University Center for Child and Family and member of the Depression and Suicide Prevention Research Team
Amy Stern, U of M Professor and expert on adolescent development and mental health.
Kristen Harrison, U of M media psychologist who studies mass media effects on children and adolescents
28 Sep 2018/ 9am-11am

Immigration and Aging

LMSW’s in attendance earn 2CEU’s

This workshop will explore issues related to aging amongst immigrants. Different categories of adult immigrants will be described, and mental health issues amonth them discussed. Cultural barriers to using services and programs will be examined, as well as special citizenship issues that apply to older people.

Presented by: Mira Sussman, LMSW

25 April 2018

Identifying and Serving Victims of Human Trafficking

LMSW’s in attendance earn 2 CEU’s Presented by: Mira Sussman, LMSW
03 March 2018

Demystifying End of Life Conversations, Practices & Planning

LMSW’s in attendance earn 4 CEUs Presented by: Sue Sefansky, LMSW
30 Jan 2018

Communicating through Foreign Language Interpreters: Best Practices

LMSW’s in attendance earn 2 CEU’s Presented by Mira Sussman, LMSW
4 Dec 2017

Grieving Through the Holidays

A 4 week Group, meeting Mondays Presented by Sue Sefansky, LMSW and Caroline Kennedy, LMSW

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